Bounce Your Way To Health: Rebounding and Mini-Trampolines

Do you remember jumping on a trampoline when you were a kid? Do you remember the fun of flying through the air? The happiness and the joy? Imagine you could have that now as an adult.

Enter Rebounding

Rebounding is a form of exercise that involves jumping up and down on a mini trampoline. This is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, and can help you increase your metabolism, burn calories, build stamina and endurance. This is also a great exercise to help lose weight and lower stress. Rebounding, or mini trampolining, is a low-impact exercise that puts less stress on your joints than running, jogging or even walking. A mini trampoline is also very easy to set up, and rebounding can be done in your garage, backyard, bedroom or your office.

Lymphatic System Benefits

The lymphatic system is essential for transporting nutrients to cells. It also pumps blood from the heart to the all of the body’s organs. A healthy lymphatic system will seamlessly do this job, with no problem. According to, rebounding is a great form of exercise to increase the blood flow and improve the circulation of fluids throughout the entire body. This helps the body to eliminate toxins and wastes. The process works by lymph vessels the body carrying fluids up and down the legs, arms and torso. So, not only does your heart pump more efficiently with any exercise, the mini trampoline’s movement of jumping up and down vertically further increases the lymphatic fluid’s pumping throughout the body, especially the legs and arms.

Weight Loss

By increasing your metabolism and burning more calories, you’ll lose extra body weight. Rebounding, with it’s constant movement and ability to get your heart rate up, is a great way to burn calories. By exercising regularly people are likely to prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high Cholesterol.

Other Physical Benefits

Rebounding is a great way to strengthen your body, tone your muscles and increase your stamina. Certain exercises can work your abdominal muscles, glute muscles, hamstrings, quads and even your back. Other benefits to exercising on the mini trampoline include:

  • Strengthening the heart: The heart is strengthened every time you increase your heart rate by exercising. As your body gets used to exercise, your heart will beat at a slower rate-which helps keep triglyceride levels low and blood pressure level low.
  • Increasing balance, coordination and reaction time. According to, rebounding helps to put your “physiology in a kinesthetic state of learning and reacting.”
  • Immune system: the immune system will be improved because the body is ridding itself of toxins and waste, which contribute to illness.
  • Circulatory systems: the circulatory system is much improved by exercising on the trampoline because the blood will be continuously pumping throughout the body, and circulating fresh blood on a regular basis.
  • Digestive system: the digestive system will improve because the more exercise you get, the more likely you are to increase your metabolism. When you have a higher metabolism, you’re able to get full and satisfied with a smaller meal. Smaller meals throughout the day are much healthier than the traditional three large meals that many people eat.

Emotional Benefits

Jumping on a mini trampoline will also increase your mood, and raise your energy level. You can’t help but have fun when jumping up and down on a trampoline. Having fun can increase your mood and energy level, thereby helping you in all aspects of your life-from work to relationships.

It is quite hard to feel melancholy when jumping up and down or doing tricks on a mini trampoline. Everyone needs to have fun and let loose sometimes. Since mini trampolines can be placed virtually anywhere, it’s a great way to let loose in the privacy of your own home.

Stress is one the number one reasons that people get sick. Whether it is job stress, family stress or financial stress-exercise is one of the easiest stress relievers. The mini trampoline is cheap, easy to use and there is no need for any training. As points out, stress is easily relieved by one quick ten-minute jumping session, at home or the office. For this reason, rebounding is a great low cost stress-reliever.

If you’re looking for exercise that you can do on your rebounder, check out this article at, 15 Exercises To Do On Your Rebounder.




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Christy R. Hall

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