Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide

All diets claim to help you lose weight. They typically mention “getting healthy” as a sidebar benefit to their way of eating. But let’ be honest, the focus is always weight loss. Dr. Eric Berg’s book, The New Body Type Guide is different is that the health benefits share the same spot like as weight loss.

This book is actually an updated version of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning  – Berg’s former best seller – that focuses more on the “ketogenic” label instead of the low-carb one. But before you think it’s a word swap, it’s important to realize that there are new and powerful strategies included and also updates on new research that works to tailor his ketogenic eating model to your unique body type.

Dr. Berg’s ketogenic eating plan is easy to execute and can lead to significant weight loss. Along the way you may also discover things about yourself; like understanding why you have cravings, especially under stress.

Dr. Berg’s ketogenic methods should help you sleep better and get healthier. Focusing on digestion and removing questionable foods, on this plan typically you can digest your food easier to digest and pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles diminishes.

Exercise should be a part of any diet plan, and Dr. Berg’s plan is no exception. But, you’ll learn which exercises work best with your body type, as well as which nutrients and supplements can help. The anti-stress techniques you’ll learn, when implemented should also help you resist cravings.

For many people, excess weight is not simple an issue of too many sweets, but stems from a deeper health problem. Knowing your symptoms will help you uncover those root causes and help you address your weight issue.

The New Body Type Guide by Dr. Berg, highlights how to begin his keto plan and explains how intermittent fasting can help regulate hormones and provide nutrition for individual body types. It’s important to note that Dr. Berg’s plan is not a typical 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs program. His plan includes 7-10 cups of leafy greens per day.

Knowing your body type can tell you much about how and why you should lose weight and the guide can help you realize and overcome any obstacles that may be preventing you from realizing your goals.


  • Uses a quiz to help determine body type.
  • Provides causes, deficiencies, and symptoms by body type.
  • Provides dietary rules for eating.
  • Has 3-day sample food plan.
  • Includes info on exercise (dos and don’ts) by body type
  • A few of Dr. Berg’s favorite recipes included.
  • A bit too heavy on the “sales” and promo of Dr. Berg products.
  • Perhaps a bit heavy on the science if you’re just looking to lose weight
  • Many people are likely to be “mixed” types and therefore find information conflicting or confusing.

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