Does this emotional eating make my ass look fat?


Do you keep falling off the wagon face first into carb heavy sugar-laden foods?

Using the power of a ketogenic lifestyle, you can heal many of the body-symptoms you struggle with every day, as well as gain the distance you need from addictive foods to begin to heal your emotional eating issues.


So many coaches out there have no clue how to help,
and many times their lack of knowledge just hurts.




They provide poor suggestions like:


“Talk to friends or family when you’re struggling.”



People who don’t have eating issues DON’T UNDERSTAND IT,
so they can’t help.

“Throw out all the problematic food.  Empty the fridge and pantry of trigger foods.”



How reasonable is this when you can learn to binge eat broccoli?

“‘Ditch your diet’ and intuitive eating will heal your food issues.”



This is like telling a drug addict to “be moderate” with his drug. If moderation were possible for you right now, you’d be doing it.

But that doesn’t mean you’re weak, or that it’s hopeless, or that you should just give up.


My name is Christy R. Hall and I’m a Wellness Mindset Coach + Emotional Alchemist + Ketogenic Lifestyle Advocate.

Christy R. Hall Wellness Mindset Coach and Emotional Alchemist

I have helped 100s of people just like you (with a love-hate relationship with their bodies and their food) transform their emotional eating issues so they feel empowered, and in control around food, confident in their lifestyle choices and their ability to stick to their dietary guns in as little as 3 to 6 months. 

Before I dedicated myself to helping people say adios to constant cravings and falling off the wagon, I was a sitting on my ass as a web application developer. And most people don’t know it, but there was a time when I weighed 265 lbs. (I know, I can hardly believe it myself.) 

And I share this with you because my health, wellness, and weight loss journey has not been a straight drive down the highway from point A to point B. No, it’s been more of an off-roading adventure thru uncharted territory. I’ve stopped. I’ve started. I’ve left. I’ve come back. I’ve done it the crazy way. I’ve done it the sane way. (The sane way is easier.)



here are just SOME of the things you can expect
from the A.C.T. Club

(Accountability + Action)         (Coaching + Community)          (Time + Transformation)

12 weeks of:


group coaching in our own private FB Group

expert instruction on cravings, urges, emotions, and keto

give and get the support of others (we’re all in this together)

accountability (check-ins, weigh-ins, tracker review – if desired)

module based learning (details below)

Here are just a few of the things you will learn….

  • Uncover hidden urges that keep you stuck in a food loop!
  • Reprogram old coping mechanisms that keep you on the binge roller coaster!
  • Discover the 3 step technique in breaking “triggers” that cause emotional and compulsive eating!
  • Find and keep in touch with the source(s) of your motivation!
  • Deal with unwanted emotional without relying on food to see you thru!
  • Stop “white-knuckling” it thru cravings, and start mastering food!
  • Find and eliminate sneaky food habits and patterns!
  • Wake up from and snap out of your unconscious food trance!
  • Navigate and overcome food triggers!
  • Learn how to get into your body and out of the pantry or fridge!
  • Update old beliefs that are no longer serving you!
  • Establish healthy food boundaries!
  • Release guilt and shame around food and your body!

… and so much more…


Finally, an emotional eating program with an affinity for the ketogenic lifestyle.

The 12 week party starts January 7, 2019, and costs less than $1.25 a day.
(If you register prior to New Year’s Day!)


This is will be a small, pilot group with limited space.


I started eating a ketogenic diet last week. For the first time in 3 1/2 years, my scale is showing a consistent loss. Christy, thank you so much.


Had a good woman-to-woman talk with myself about what’s really important about this commitment I made over a year ago just before Thanksgiving. Set a mini-goal of 10lbs with the tangible reward of an art book I’ve been wanting. Weighed in after Thanksgiving: 11 pounds down. Thanks Christy.


After 4 months on keto and 31 pounds lost… I’m planning on going to my PCP to get new labs in a few days and hopefully a few more pounds down. Can’t wait to see the look on her face.


I look in the mirror after all work we did together and I can’t be mad at my body anymore. I can’t do it – I’ve tried. I love my body and I don’t have any ill-will or any hard feelings towards it. So I look in the mirror and I say, “that’s ME!” It really worked.


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