Is Comparison Stealing Your Happiness?

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Christy R. Hall

Christy R. Hall

Keto Coach

Using the power of food, tapping, hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to win the war on weight and emotional eating.

Comparison is the thief of joy. ~Theodore Roosevelt

“I only lost .5 lb this week – is that ok?”

“Ms Slim lost 14 lbs her first week on keto, I only lost 2. What am I doing wrong?”

I see this ALL THE TIME. Comparison-itis. And it sucks, because it is the thief of happiness. Because when you constantly compare yourself to others, it means you aren’t really happy (aka accepting) of who and what you are – right here, right now.

But you are different than everyone else. No one else has walked your path, danced your dance, done your sort of struggle. Sure, we’d all like to be at our goal weight, and in picture perfect health starting YESTERDAY. But let’s be realistic. #notpossible

Everyone has quirks and idiosyncrasies. And it’s these differences that allow us to find solutions to our problems and experience variety and clarity. Because when you get, see, experience what you don’t want – you get clearer about what you do want.

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But ESPECIALLY in weight release and health gain – this is why you should get out of the habit of comparing your results to the results others. When you do this, you are likely setting unrealistic expectations and you will end up being disappointed. Comparing your results to others may make you resent other people’s success – instead of being happy for them. Their results have nothing to do with you.

It’s fine to look at the processes of other’s to determine if they are doing something you could benefit from. However, it shouldn’t get to the point where you are trying to redefine your way of eating/way of living trying to achieve those results. You aren’t them, and you never will be. So reject this idea or notion that doing it someone else’s way will garner you their results. Stop chasing their results – go for your own.

Finding a path that works for you and that is maintainable over the long-haul will give you more peace, more satisfaction, more happiness, and less stress, metabolic trauma, and emotional pain.

“Stop chasing their results – go for your own.”

Christy R. Hall

Christy R. Hall is a Wellness Mindset Coach & Emotional Alchemist. She focuses on helping people change their lives from the inside out. She uses hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help her clients achieve real and lasting change. Christy says, “When you know how the mind works, it’s easy to make changes.” Christy fancies herself to be a Jedi Master, a verbal Ninja, and a Mindset Architect. In her free time, she spins yarn (both literally spinning fiber into yarn, as well as, writing), crochets for charity, watches silly cat videos, looks at pictures of Corgis, and plays massively multiplayer online games. Her current favorite is Elder Scrolls Online.