Rebounding For Health + Wellness

Have you ever heard of a rebounder or rebounding?

A rebounder is simply a term used for a mini trampoline. Rebounding is a fun way to get great exercise using small controlled movements on a mini trampoline. By using a small trampoline and following a rebounding video or making up your own routines, anyone can exercise on a rebounder. Rebounding is safe and effective because your feet barely leave the surface and many rebounders have stabilizing bars which can help you feel stable. Rebounding can be done by people of all ages and physical abilities because of the low impact on joints. The springs in the system help cushion blows, reducing risks associated with traditional aerobic exercise.

There are different types of rebounders on the market now and some even fold for easy storage. Because of the size of these mini trampolines they can be used in your home or even easily transported to your office. I’ve even heard of classes being offered in come of the local gyms.

There are lots of videos available  to keep your rebounding workouts fresh. There are special routines for people with certain issues or concerns. There are workouts for beginners, seniors, sports specific, dance, ballet, hip hop, Latin, core, yoga, abdominal, stretch and many others. You don’t have an excuse for getting bored with so many options to choose from. Exercises can be as varied as your imagination, but the important thing is to bounce long enough to get your heart rate up. There are also numerous videos available to give more regimented workouts by following an instructor.

So what makes rebounding effective?

Rebounding has many benefits.

  • improves circulation
  • reduces stress
  • increase muscle tone
  • improve co-ordination and balance
  • increases energy
  • stimulates the metabolism
  • circulates oxygen and strengthens the heart
  • moves the lymph
  • improved bladder control
  • improved mood (bouncing makes you HAPPY)

It simultaneously works all the major muscle groups, provides a calorie burning, cardiovascular, strength conditioning workout, it also helps enhance the immune system, aiding in the prevention of illness. If you do the techniques of rebounding regularly you will get results and have fun doing it.

Rebounding has been on national television shows such as The View with Barbara Walters, The Today Show and has been featured in such magazines as Fitness, Ace Fitness Magazine, and Fit. JB Berns has been on infomercials As Seen On TV promoting his Urban Rebounder. (This is the one I have, though I have to admit, I rarely use the accompanying DVDs.)

One of the great things about rebounding is that it can be as easy or as difficult as you would like, You can add weights or bend your knees a bit more for added difficulty. This variability means that you can always get the workout you’re looking for. If you don’t want to bounce, you can do squats on it, or crunches, or even pushups, and because of the micro-movements you’ll need to make  – you’ll get a good workout (and probably be sore tomorrow.) LOL

Mini Trampolines are very affordable, ranging around $100US for a top of the range trampoline, which is a lot cheaper than that gym membership you’ll never use. There are cheaper alternatives, but if safety is an issue, consider getting something around this price range.

Some quick tips for choosing a safe trampoline are:

  •  Go for a 6 leg design, this will give added stability. Models with only four legs can tend to tip over and be dangerous. 
  •  Look for brands that have unscrew-able legs, so they can be stored easily under the bed or in a closet.
  •  Make sure they have a solid spring system, for joint support.
  •  Look for non-slip mats to help avoid falls.

Kids love it, adults and seniors love it too! Rebounding has become one of the most beneficial forms of exercise ever developed.

Bounce your way to feeling healthy. A fun workout that builds strength, cardiovascular capacity, and balance without jarring the body like other exercises.

Honestly, we’ll never be without ours. =)

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Christy R. Hall

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