BodyGem Metabolic Testing Single Test

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Do you wonder if your metabolism is sluggish?

You can find out for sure. I offer metabolic testing using BodyGem. It is accurate, dependable and convenient.

If you are located in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, I offer both in-office and mobile measuring services. Yes, you read that right  – I WILL COME TO YOU!

Make an appointment to have yours tested.
Time involved: about 30 minutes

What do you need to do:

  • Try to schedule your appointment as soon after you wake up
  • Try to be as relaxed as you can as we are testing your resting metabolism.At the time of your appointment, you must not have:
    • Eaten for at least 4 hours (water is OK)
    • Exercised for at least 4 hours
    • Consumed caffeine for at least 4 hours
    • Consumed nutritional supplements or medications containing ephedra, Ma Huang, or pseudoephedrine for at least 4 hours
    • Used any form of nicotine in the last 4 hours


*Test results are for education purposes only and are not intended as a diagnosis or as a replacement for any treatment. Metabolism varies from person to person, hour to hour, and may change due to many different factors.


  1. Irene

    The RMR test information helped. I started on the program. With the increased calories, I initially gained a few pounds now I am on the down turn. Hoping this continues. Thank you for all your help.

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