Testimonials & Praise

I have had one migraine episode since my session with you. Since then, I’ve had no problems at all. I just listened to our session and feel great.. .Very rested and very energetic. This is the longest I’ve gone without a headache in months! I’m really happy about what’s happening….or not happening!


I wanted to add a big thank you for the session you did on me to remove a cannabis addiction that I had for over 20 years. It helped me be free of it for over 5 months. I no longer use Cannabis by choice now, it no longer controls me but I still remember that session you did on me which helped me stay clear of it for over 5 months, that was the longest I didn’t use it since 18 years old. I’m very thankful to you for that ?


Through the use of hypnosis, Christy helped me realize that my past was not affecting me anymore.  I was able to understand the perspective of some unfavorable childhood memories, and move forward living out my true passion in helping others without fear or anxiety.  Christy is compassionate, understanding , and has a talent for looking at your situation and guiding you into resolution. So thankful for her services.

~Pam B.

I love listening to the mp3. It fills me with such peace. I don’t have the dread feeling anymore. I have been so happy and light, I have had many thoughts about how proud I am of the person I’ve become. Ive thought about  how that time not shining wasn’t wasted but a learning opportunity. I am so happy that I met you and so grateful for our session.


I look in the mirror after all work we did together and I can’t be mad at my body anymore. I can’t do it – I’ve tried. I love my body and I don’t have any ill-will or any hard feelings towards it. So I look in the mirror and I say, “that’s ME!” It really worked. ~ALJ

I started working with Christy to lose weight. I told her in our first meeting I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t want to waste time figuring out WHY I was fat. I thought that would take too long and be too complicated Christy knew exactly what to do. She got the eating problem under control almost immediately. I have lost 18 lbs so far, losing weight every single week WITHOUT relying on willpower. Then she dug a little deeper to actually root out the reasons I got fat, helped me change my feelings about those issues, so now I am confident I will lose the next 30 lbs and keep it off. The surprising thing that happened was how she helped me deal with The surprising thing that happened was how she helped me deal with much more serious baggage that was preventing me from being happy. That baggage kept me from being a good father, grandfather, and husband. It was creating a number of limiting phobias. She is the absolute best at helping me see the REAL root of a problem, changing how I see it, and with unbelievable speed just getting rid of it. I have been to psychiatrists and psychologists in the past and Christy is absolutely light years ahead of them in getting positive lasting results. I have never been happier or more at peace with my life thanks to her. My relationships with my kids and wife She is the absolute best at helping me see the REAL root of a problem, changing how I see it, and with unbelievable speed just getting rid of it. I have been to psychiatrists and psychologists in the past and Christy is absolutely light years ahead of them in getting positive lasting results. I have never been happier or more at peace with my life thanks to her. My relationships with my kids and wife are the best they have ever been. My family has noticed the positive changes in me. Thank you, Christy, for being insightful, persistent, and so good at what you do.

~Dean Allen

Retired & 36 lbs lighter

“After just four sessions with Christy, I now know the root cause of all my problems. To have clarity about the fact that all of my problems are actually just symptoms of a larger problem is so liberating! I can safely say that not only has she helped me shift tons of emotional baggage, but she has also taught me a lot, and given me the confidence to do a lot of work on my own!  I now know exactly what to focus on when tapping, and I have confidence that Christy and I will continue to make huge changes together.”

~Caitlin Gillam

Singer, Songwriter, & Artist

I am sooooo glad I found Christy and worked with her when I did. Not only did she help me to release some issues that had bothered me for years, she also provided very nonjudgemental and practical guidance for getting things done that I didn’t know how to do (part of my problem). She’s a great example of how Faster EFT isn’t just about the tapping:  the subtle reframes and phrases she threw in, plus some of the key things she said in between rounds of tapping and the informative links she sent me afterwards, made all the difference for me in flipping how I was thinking about a number of (formerly) troubling things. Also because of the work we did in our four sessions so far, I was inspired to sit down for some solo tap o’ thons that were much more effective than most I’ve done for myself, especially with traditional EFT (my default modality for a long time). I’m really glad that Christy is out there as a practitioner and available to me as a resource for moving my s%$t when I want great help doing that. Thanks, Christy, and keep blogging because I love what you write as well.

~Julie Mundt

Yoga Instructor & Cat Lover Extradinaire

I listened to half of your uninterrupted sleep recording this morning… Great job Christy! You did an awesome job! Your voice is very hypnotic, Thank you for creating it and for sharing it with me. I look forward to trying it tonight ?


Thank you for being one of my best honest, direct butt-kicking teachers. I love working with you. Peace. ~TG

Very real and open

I was nervous to be so vulnerable and open about how I felt but within seconds I felt very comfortable. Christy was very good about not leaving me alone in my head for more than was needed. So excited for my next for my next session!

~Luke Jasinski

I am doing so much better and I think our sessions really helped me process the trauma of the car accident. I am now driving my new Toyota Highlander. It’s got room to grow!

The anxiety that plagued me is mostly gone and the urinary symptoms are 90% better. Thank you for helping me process through all of my old wounds. I feel free and clear and ready to enjoy life again!

I will be sure to reach out if I need more of your help.


Thanks so much for the great session yesterday. I enjoyed and benefited from it. In fact, during the night I used the Faster EFT in my imagination 3 times and was able to successfully release leg cramps. YEA!!!!

I’ve given your contact info to my sister, and will recommend you to others as the opportunity arises.  I’ll undoubtedly work with you again when I feel I have the need. For now, I want to integrate what I got.

With Appreciation, Gratitude, and Warm Regards.


I would like to publicly thank Christy. She is a woman standing in her power and using her gifts and talents to grow the seed given by Robert and planted in my head. Please send her gratitude and love. I do not have the skills or gifts she used to implement. This is truly a collaborative team we have and I am happy and blessed to be a part of it. Thank you Christy

~Rommy K.

Christy, thank you so much for today’s session!  I really feel relaxed and empowered by it.  I don’t feel overwhelmed.  I also resisted some coffee drinks my husband brought home without much effort.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to work on things in this way with your guidance and ideas.

~Margherita DiCenzo Harrington.

Faster EFT Practitioner & Rodan + Fields Consultant

Last week, when I posted about my fear of animals, our darling Christy Hall private messaged me and offered me a 90 minute session with her to break this once and for all. I had never interacted with her before and was so touched that she would do that. We had our session yesterday. Christy is warm, loving, understanding and amazing at what she does. We did a combination of Faster EFT, some visualizations and lots of fear feeling and chasing. I felt safe and held even when facing what felt like ancient shit. Christy stayed right with me wherever I was and confidently moved me through a powerful hour and a half. As soon as it warms up here, I am going to head to the park and test what we worked on. Just wanted to thank a fellow CCC sista for doing what we do in here- share, love and shine. I am so grateful for what you gave me and your clients are extremely blessed to have you.

~Sheri D. Teigman

Life Coach & Change Instigator

The following day after our session, I’d had a crazy busy and very emotionally charged day at work; dealing with lots of tears and distressed people, so I got off late again and hadn’t had anything to eat. So normally if this happened, I would go home and have a 10+++ desire to empty the entire contents of the fridge into my mouth unselectively and without even chewing, savouring or knowing what anything tasted like. Just filling the gap, numbing the memories of the day, and drowning my feelings with an abundance of food. This time, I looked in the fridge and a new thought emerged. I thought, “There is nothing in here that will make me feel any better.” So I left the kitchen instead, put on a lovely hot Epsom salts bath with lovely aromatic oils and played my new cd, ‘Sing Out Loud’ at top volume, and did what it said on the label, I sang out loud in the bath! Thankfully neighbours were at work and children were still at school. I’ve been great since, so thank you, Christy, for your time, your loving kindness, and your expertise. These memories and experiences that we share together are transformational and highly inspiring.

~Helen Starr Cummins

Holistic Nurse Practitioner & Faster EFT Practitioner

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