The Obesity Code

We’ve been hearing it for years – eat small, more frequent meals throughout the day. But what if all they’ve been telling us all these years about how to lose weight and keep it off was wrong (or even a lie?) Today, obesity is a rampant epidemic that seems to know no boundaries and worse, it seems we’re not getting any closer to a real solution.

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss, written by Dr. Jason Fung, may have the answers we’ve been seeking. Dr. Fung’s premise is that by controlling insulin resistance we can control and even break the code of obesity.

Only by getting the hormones that regulate insulin and hunger under control can you hope to break the cycle of obesity caused by insulin resistance. Dr. Fung suggests this be done by changing nutritional habits. Since insulin plays such an important role in fat storage, it only makes sense that one of the reasons people struggle to lose weight and keep it off is due to insulin.

Most people think that when they are done losing weight they can go back to eating as they always did. But the old adage holds true here: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” Further, the Standard America Diet tends to wreak havoc on blood sugar and insulin levels, which is a one-way ticket to obese-land. Dr. Fung believes that you can lose weight and get to a healthy, life-long weight.

Not only is the book, The Obesity Code, insightful and informative – it’s also funny. Dr. Fung describes in a humorous (and somewhat sarcastic) way how we got to be a nation of overweight people. When you read the explanation, it makes so much sense. He also goes into depth on the myths associated with gaining and losing weight.

These out-of-the-box obesity solutions can give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the future path of your life and also maximize your health. The main dietary solution Fung presents is intermittent fasting. And he shows you how you can use it to reach – and keep – a healthy weight.

Intermittent Fasting is a process by which you restrict your eating, limiting it to certain time-restricted windows. The idea is that by lower carbs and restricting you eating window that you will spend more time in a fat-burning state.

Some of the scientific facts in The Obesity Code aren’t new. Dr. Fung points out that the knowledge that too many carbs in your diet could lead to obesity was known by 19th century physicians. He further points out that when low-carb snacks became highly popular a few years ago, people jumped on the bandwagon thinking the snacks were healthy.

Driven by the desire for your hard-earned dollars, the food industry produced truckloads of low-carb snacks, (protein bars, chips, drinks – and more) that we purchased by the truckload – thinking they were healthy. But they were calorie dense, which can also trigger high levels of insulin. With regard to snacks, Fung urges us to be careful of snacks and try to avoid them if we can, because simply becoming mindful of the amount of carbs you’re consuming is a good start to losing weight for good.

The role of carbs and insulin in our diets can’t be stressed enough to those who want to lose weight. It’s hard science and not a theory like other diets present. Understanding the core biological issues of obesity can set you up for weight loss success.

In The Obesity Code, Dr. Fung has tapped into a sensible path to health and nutrition. The facts in the book are sobering, but everyone should appreciate the eye-opening solutions to weight loss that he offers.

  • Humorous, and witty,
  • Provides information without getting TOO science-y.
  • Simple and straight-forward though some may struggle with the implementation of the information provided.
  • Too progressive for some (the idea of fasting.)
  • May trigger pro-ani behaviors.
  • If you are just looking a diet plan or recipes – you won’t find them here. This is more “theory.” Although, you could argue, what recipes are needed for a period of “not eating.”

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