Welcoming a New You in the New Year

You begin the New Year with a fresh, new feeling. 

You make plans for yourself and promise that you will actually follow through this year. 

Then, life gets in the way and things don’t go as planned.  You get discouraged, and possibly give up.  “I’ll do better next year.” 

Sound familiar?  Not this year!  Incorporate the following tips into your daily routine and you will end this year feeling accomplished, motivated and with a smile. 

Are you ready?  Let’s go…

  1. Creating Your Goals

    Step number one in reaching your goals is to create attainable goals.  

    There are most likely many things you feel you should accomplish this year, and choosing the right ones will put you on the path to success. 

    Instead of making your list full of “I should’s” – create a list of things you truly want this year.  You will be much more likely to succeed with accomplishing the things you desperately want.

    How many goals can you set out to accomplish comfortably, without over-extending yourself? What do you want most out of the year ahead?

  2. Write Your Goals Down

    With the previous tip in mind, start compiling your list of what you want to accomplish this year.  Write it on a piece of paper that can be placed on your refrigerator, which will keep it in your sight year round. 

    Remember…don’t overextend yourself. 

    While there may be 20 things you want to get done this year, start with a short and reasonable list.

    What are your top 5 goals for the upcoming year?  List them out on paper and keep them somewhere visible.

  3. Tell Other’s About Your Goals

    Accountability will be a key factor in your success.  Tell your friends and family about your goals.  Ask a few of them to check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing with your list.

    And be honest.  Tell them the truth when they ask.  If you haven’t been on track as planned, this is a fabulous opportunity to reevaluate and devise a new plan of action to reach your goals.

    Trial and error is a normal part of this process.  The first plan you make may not work out as you hoped, which gives you an opportunity to find the right path for your optimal level of success.

    Who will you tell about your goals to hold you accountable?  How often will you have them check in with you to see how your goals are going? Who would be the best collaborator to help you come up with a new plan of action, if needed? 

  4. Take It One Step At A Time

    When beginning your goals, try starting out with baby steps.  Maybe your goal is to lose 20 pounds. Instead of changing your diet completely overnight, decide to add in one healthy food this week. 

    These “baby steps” will help you ease into reaching your goals and will successfully begin new habits. 

    Change is a process, not a race.  Pace yourself for success!

    What are three small steps you can take this week to get on your desired path?

  5. Give Yourself a Break

    If part of your plan doesn’t seem to be working out as you hoped – don’t fret.  Ask yourself why your goal route isn’t panning out, and see where the faults lie in your course of action. 

    It could be as simple as re-planning your goal to fit your schedule better.  Allow yourself some wiggle room to figure out what works best for you. 

    What is your plan of action of how to tackle getting off track?
    In what ways can you keep your positivity when things don’t go as planned.

  6. Think Positively

    It sounds simple, but thinking positively is so powerful.  Keep a positive mindset this year as you’re on your journey.

    Positive affirmations are a great way to begin your day. 

    Write down some of your favorite affirmations on sticky notes to post in your bathroom mirror.  Say them aloud to yourself each morning as you begin to take on your new day.

    What are 5 things you are grateful for in your life at this very moment? Keeping a gratitude journal is an incredible way to keep a positive and grateful mindset.

  7. Do Yoga or Meditation

    Commit to breathing exercises and/or yoga this year as you are working to reach your goals.

    These relaxation techniques will help curb your stress. 

    Stress is a big contributing factor in not reaching goals – so having the upper hand on stress will help you continue on your path to reaching your goals.

    What are 5 techniques that relax you most?  (hot bath, yoga, breathing exercises, etc)
    Incorporate these into your schedule to keep your stress levels at bay.

  8. Get Help

    Having your friends and family hold you accountable is helpful, but having a personal Coach to assist you along your journey is priceless.

    Coaches are trained to assist you in reaching your goals and attaining an optimal level of health and happiness. 

    How would your life improve or be different if you reached your goals this year?  What would it mean to you have help in achieving these goals?

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Christy R. Hall

Christy R. Hall is a Wellness Mindset Coach & Emotional Alchemist. She focuses on helping people change their lives from the inside out. Trained in hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), various Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she has numerous skills to help clients achieve real and lasting change. Christy says, “When you know how the mind works, it’s easy to make changes.” Christy fancies herself to be a Jedi Master, a verbal Ninja, and a Mindset Architect. In her free time, she spins yarn (both literally spinning fiber into yarn, as well as, writing), crochets for charity, watches silly cat videos, looks at pictures of Corgis, and plays massively multiplayer online games. Her current favorite is Elder Scrolls Online.